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Hey there :) My name's Nidhi, a 17 year old (June 20th) who has nothing better to do with her life :) So here I am starting a blog about a teenagers life along with fashion and travel. I'm just hopping this goes well :P

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a nose piercing will look so good on u! mine hurt like a 6 out of 10 for me but a lot of ppl say it doesn't hurt too bad:)

Thank you! I got it done and yea it didnt hurt that bad… idk i got it with a gun so for me it was like a 3 out of 10. Got a little teary after it was done but that was it :) 


Getting my nose pierced today !

Any of you guys have it pierced ? Did it hurt ? LET ME KNOW PLEASE :$

hey. love ur blog btw. anyways, where can i find nice decent cheap jeans. i cant seem to find ones i like in my price range. any suggestions? thanks❤️

Hey! Thank you :) and um try old navy they have nice jeans and fairly cheap ones. Also um urban behaviour has pretty cheap ones too. Hope I was able to help. PS. I’m hoping you have these stores near you :p